Let me just say this and maybe we can bring some cohesion back into the discussion.
Bill Sortino

We have all been propagandized. You have been severely propagandized. The shit of propaganda is still smeared over all that you write. Or else you are the propagandizer. I apply critical thinking. I see the mainstream media turning their faces away from antisemitism when it suits their narratives and goals.

Were you particularly worried about the failure to report the blatant and currently-ongoing antisemitism of Barack Obama’s pastor, Jeremiah Wright? Did you wonder if that antisemitism had an affect on our President based on his support of the enemies of Jewish people everywhere? Or is it just the call-ins of threats to Jewish community centers (as long as we think they might be Right-wing). Once the news of yet another false series of threats has been unmasked, is the media going to hurt their narrative with a mea culpa, or by finally covering the story of the literal epidemic of threats and attacks falsely-blamed one “the Right wing,” yet perpetrated by the Left (or by ‘disturbed individuals’ who just happen to be supporting Left-wing narratives).

Again, I’m not against reporting all things with balance and caution, like Tracey, but like Tracey has noted, this is one-sided, false propaganda, for which you seem to be advocating. Specifically, reporting only the threats that fit a “Right-wing Antisemitic” narrative, and then going beyond implying it and actually talking it up prematurely as Right-wing antisemitism is in fact fake-news propaganda.

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