Reality Management.

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I know I’m gonna struggle to write words for this post — I can feel it. But my heart wants me to write for some reasons. Just sync my mind whatever it may be. So, be it.

I have to sip a coffee at this late of time and ends up watching HBO movie entitled “Trainwreck” have you watched it? I think so, I just googled it and found out that it was released a year ago. The movie is about Amy (Amy Schumer), a magazine writer who never believes in any kind of commitment growing up, but eventually fall in-love with a successful sports doctor who happens to be her case study for her article.

My goal is to think a fruitful post that may share the up’s and down that happens to me from time to time using this platform. I will make sure to write anything that may inspire or hopefully help a small or even larger scale of people in every community. Love to write in this following thoughts; breaking the lines between Work and Life, Designs and Decisions, Failure and Success lastly, some Creative Solutions I encounter through my life and career. I really hoping to share more inspirations or little learning in my medium account in the future, using my Grade 5 writing skills, who knows? I might be improving obtaining that goal. This is also my way to utilized this account so it does not look like an abandoned room. So, here I go. By the way thanks for reaching this far.

So, is it the movie relevant for this post? I guess so, my world never fail to amazed me by bringing me unsolicited inspirations to keep my ass working. I found the movie very interesting at my point of view relating it into my work and life as a Designer and Developer. I have to break the line here so, this post won’t be ends up as movie review.

Reality makes us more human. I mean, human is designed to make mistake, I know and I am sure you heard that anyway. This is how I find the movie, Amy did a tons of mistake in her life but, in the end She found someone to wonder if it’s time to clean her act where her entire life has always in opposite side. Unlike her I am always afraid to make a mistake ending me up to a safer place. But, the movie reminds me to not always act in the same side just to save your ass. Sometimes, you need to be just who you are whether your opinion ends up in the opposite side.

In life and work, you will always feel the stress and pressure, with all the challenging task that may occur to you. I might say it will never end, as long as you are alive. It just a matter of how you handle it. I call it Reality Management. Why? first of all, you must accept your surroundings and learn from it as a Designer/ Developer you can also do this for any future challenge the secret is to be fluid and never stop your courage to learn. But, it doesn't mean that you should always act in the same side of the team, if you know you are right and you know that you can be who you are in that choice, don’t be afraid to act in the opposite side.

Don’t be afraid of being different, be afraid of being the same as everyone else.

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