I’ve built a Hackintosh myself, partly due to cost issues (a Mac in Brazil costs easily twice the…
Carlos Ribeiro

Great words there Carlos. I have been Mac-based ever since I left college, in fact I used to use a IIci as my main PC at college so you could say that I’ve been an Apple proponent for some time. However, like yourself, I have always been perturbed by their high costs for their products (it’s no wonder that they are the highest valued corporation in their field is it?!) even though they do produce beautiful kit, at a premium, I always find myself upgrading to the next best thing. Having said that I have not upgraded my Mac mini since I originally bought it in 2010, (I simply cannot believe that that machine is now 6 years old!!! And yet it still looks so cool in its sleek aluminium case) and so I have been spending the best part of the last month researching the possibility of building my own hackintosh and it has to be said after watching a tin of people doing it on YouTube that I am even more so leaning towards that direction to take for my next home computer! Good luck in your venture!

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