Rebel Launcher 2.0: Entrepreneurs Wanted

Jaydeep Barman
May 16 · 3 min read
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About 18 months back we had started our “Launcher Program”, whereby we offered our operating system (kitchens, technology, distribution channels and supply chain) to food entrepreneurs to scale their brands. We also promised funding for scale up once there is significant evidence of product market fit and +ve unit economics.

I am very glad and proud to share the journey of SLAY Coffee. With the vision to build India’s Best Coffee brand and solving for the on-demand & on-the-go coffee, SLAY’s journey is both exciting and inspiring. Started with one pilot location in Bengaluru a year back, the brand has scaled to 100+ locations across 6 cities pan India in the course of 9-months. SLAY is challenging the status-quo and creating a new category. We at Rebel believe in the immense potential of SLAY. The story of SLAY highlights the power of coming together and building something incredible. We believed in the vision of the founders, the team and backed them with everything we can offer paving a way to unleash the power of collaboration. But, at the end of the day it’s the Slay team who really slayed it.

As we are now in the midst of an unprecedented crisis, we realize that this is also an end of “normal” as we knew it . The new normal would need a different breed of interesting food brands — either restaurants or ready to cook or packaged food — in a “Digital First” way, thus reaching millions of customers at their homes across the nation. This can be achieved superfast by riding on our footprint of 320 (and growing) kitchens / distribution centers in 35 cities in India, our nationwide supply chain and a growing network internationally.

With this thought, we are launching Rebel Launcher 2.0 and are broadening the scope beyond only “restaurant brands”. We are seeking exciting “small yet growing” brands across the entire “food” spectrum — from “dining table” to “the kitchen” , from ready to eat to ready to cook — to come on our platform and scale super fast. We will bring our entire machinery at your disposal and along the way, at the right time, can also invest in your growth story.

However, we also realize that, to win in the new normal, brands have to follow a few tenets, doggedly. We call these tenets, collectively, the “Eat.Sure” philosophy. Over the years, we ensured that we never use any artificial elements in our food — no colors, additives, preservatives, nothing processed ( not even on our pizza topping). We also ensured that the hygiene at our kitchens is world class and audited by world’s most renowned audit firms. At this time, we are raising the bar even more and making sure all our brands come with the “Eat.Sure” promise, defined by

  • People: Daily temperature logged and medically certified to handle food
  • Process: 200 + Checkpoints for quality, hygiene and safety
  • Ingredients: Highest quality ingredients — no artificial color or flavour
  • Packaging: Contactless / double sealed packaging and delivery

The brands that we shall onboard as part of Rebel Launcher 2.0, will need to adhere to the above philosophy to the T. So, we are super keen to hear from you if you are making sure your customers are “eating sure”.

If you are that team who have been working on that terrific authentic marinade or that deliciously healthy snack, and wanting to scale your brand across India and the globe eventually, please do write to us. Do remember, we are entrepreneurs ourselves. And hence we understand the importance of “freedom”for you. We think, together, we can play a part in defining the new paradigm in Food.

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