This Is Us

I’m a recovering alcoholic. I don’t want my son to become one, too.

Photo: Aitor Diago/Getty Images

Earlier this month, I sat on the living room carpet, criss-cross applesauce, singing along with my two-year-old son Avishai to Music Together when I spiraled into panic. My son was dancing around his wooden climbing triangle, clutching an empty Tylenol syringe in his right hand, another in his left, and waving them up and down to the beat.

When my son started teething at four months old, I was nervous about giving him the medication his pediatrician recommended. “Will liquid Tylenol stop working if we give it too often?” I asked my mom. I asked my sister. I asked friends…

Jay Deitcher

Writer, former social worker, current stay-at-home dad. Words in The Washington Post, The Cut, The Lily, Tablet, & Longreads. Read his work @

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