Trying Out Some Minecraft Skins

I get bored easily.

Really and truly, I do.

I don’t understand how some people can play Minecraft all day with the default newb skins for Steve and Alex. I know you don’t need to see yourself in the game, but knowing that you’re running around dressed like a total newb is depressing.

So I like downloading and playing using different skins. It’s easy and there are literally millions to choose from. Here are my reviews of some of the top ones you can find on my favorite Minecraft skins site, NameMC. A lot of people like Skindex or Planet Minecraft, but I think NameMC is the best one.

Here are the top skins on NameMC with my reviews.

Default Steve

OMG, how could this be the top skin on NameMC? It’s the default. Ugh. Like way to ruin my whole point! Well, here’s my review: it sucks. Time to move on to…

The Batman

Where do I start with this one. First, it’s The Batman and not just Batman. OK, don’t screw that one up if you want to be a real fan, people, ok? Anyway, this is a great skin for fans of The Batman or any other comics.

Hoodie Guy

So it’s a guy with a navy blue hoodie. Looking cool. Looking relaxed. Definitely a great way to play pretty chill in Minecraft. I like the detail on this skin a lot and the colors of both the hoodie and the pants are pleasing to the eye. Nice one!


Ugh, not again. Another default skin in the top list. Have you no shame, people? Time to move on again.

Camo Army Dude

This is pretty much the perfect look for some serious PvP action or just for when you want to look bad-ass and tough taking out some zombies and creepers. Plus you blend in well with the grass and trees, right?

Weird Glow Dude

I don’t know what to really call this one but it’s cool. He’s got a creepy monster blue glow look going on. Kind of like a sci-fi monster alien type ready to blast you into outer space.

Installing Skins

This gets easier and easier with each Minecraft update. It used to be a tough process to create new skins and install them but now it’s simple. A lot of these skin sites will even do it for you automatically, but they need your Minecraft password to do it and I think it’s phenomenally stupid to give anyone your password.