Busting 5 Common Myths about Dedicated Server Hosting

Jayden Fernando
3 min readFeb 7, 2018


A specialized server is an appealing choice for a brand-new internet site proprietor or to somebody thinking of updating from shared hosting Nonetheless, there are a number of misconceptions surrounding dedicated servers. Taking some time in recognizing these myths will aid you determine if the devoted web server is without a doubt a practical option for you. It would certainly also allow you not to set unrealistic assumptions.

So, let’s breast some common specialized web server myths!

Myth 1: You have to spend a lot for committed server hosting

It holds true that in the earlier days, dedicated servers were pricey. But now, you can discover a variety of local business using dedicated servers to hold their website. Innovations in modern technology have made dedicated servers fairly cost effective for the regular website owner.

Myth 2: You could not count on committed server hosting.

An additional big concern for individuals thinking about devoted server hosting is dependability. This might look like the case for someone moving from taking care of very own servers to dedicated web server hosting. However this is not real. If you select the right prepare for your website inning accordance with needs, there’s little reason to be worried. Moreover, most hosting carriers sign an arrangement for 24/7 service as well as assistance.

Myth 3: Committed server hosting = say goodbye to control your servers

If you want control over your website, you can choose it. You could choose which all controls you want to utilize or do not intend to utilize. There are different degrees of personalization offered, which actually is an option you could make. In case you prefer a more hands-free strategy, that is likewise possible. The web server carriers will certainly supply the added needed support.

Myth 4: Inexpensive is the most effective option

Getting a committed server for an affordable could help you boast concerning a bargain deal you secured. But in the long run, such a low-cost option would cause numerous performance as well as other issues. Devoted server choices require expensive hardware and for this reason top quality dedicated web server choices come with a higher price.

Myth 5: Technical understanding is an absolute necessity

A basic understanding about servers would make it simple for you to comprehend. However, technological competence is not required. This is because a lot of devoted server hosting service providers supply good support. You would have the ability to get rid of any doubts or inquiries from the assistance. Also with no technical background, you need to have the ability to quickly operate and also make full use your devoted server hosting strategy.

Myth 6: A devoted web server as well as VPS coincide

This is an additional usual false impression concerning dedicated servers. If you opt for a VPS (virtual private server), it would certainly be a much more secure option as compared to shared hosting. However your web server space is still shown others. On the other hand, a devoted server is entirely satisfying your demands as well as demands.

So, right here we have actually broken 6 most common misconceptions or misconceptions on Dedicated Web server. So, if you are going to choose a specialized server, being aware of the above points will aid make a much better, informed decision.



Jayden Fernando