Wall Street Journal

Our class was fortunate this semester with an invitation to the Wall Street Journal. When Professor Bernstein first told us about the class trip I was worried. Worried that I wouldn’t make it, or would be bored if I did. Needless to say, Im glad I attended this field trip. We learned how social media works in big business. How people can impact the masses with one tweet or even update them ongoing problem. Breaking News can happen anywhere, anytime, and social media won’t wait for you to stroll in at 9am. You have to be on top of your game if you want to reach their level. Our guide for the tour was Carla Zanoni, a very successful person on social media with over 5 thousand followers and is verified.

She showed us the situation room where her co-workers sit in front of a screen and watch breaking news, while balancing the news on social media. I enjoyed my time and can tell my classmates did as well. Everyone was attentive and paying attention to the guest speakers. We learned a lot of information and tips to take with us. Tips such as, be careful what you post on social media because once you press send it belongs to everybody. Thinking twice is always a good idea especially with social media.

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