To Halloween or not to Halloween? that is the question.

It’s just after 9 in the morning here in New York city, and today’s date, you guessed it October 31, 2016 also known as Halloween. If I don’t seem enthused please forgive me, it’s just that Halloween has never really been my thing, and I don’t expect it to magically become thing all of a sudden this year. I mean where do I begin? How about the whole confusing thing about not taking candy from strangers but on this day it’s alright. When I was growing up the possibility of getting egged or TP’d (having toilet paper thrown at you) seemed all too likely. I can recall reevaluating the whole Halloween thing as a young adult, and even then I thought, am I really ready to risk it all for a couple of Snickers bars (fun size)and some skittles? (also fun size). Alright maybe that last line was super dramatic, but no matter how much I am dreading tonight I would still like to offer a contrarian view here, so I’ve elected to interview someone who I believe to be a “Halloween expert”.

My wife Jessica 34, has been a Halloween night participant since 2005, and with over a decade in the game I’ve decided to ask her what keeps her coming back for more. Jessica was sure to let me know that her love for 10/31 stems from her childhood, she recalled being a witch one year and the queen of hearts on another year. When asked What she loves about Halloween? Jessica replied “It’s the one time of year where you can dress however you want and nobody can say anything.” When I asked Jessica how she felt about the dangers of the night specifically on Halloween she replied “ yes it certainly is and can be a dangerous night, but no more dangerous than any other night.” When asked what’s the best costume she’s seen Jessica says She “has seen it all” she recalls seeing someone in the alien costume from the movie alien, and being “thoroughly impressed with the detail”. Jessica says her favorite costume she’s ever worn worn was a fire fighter outfit from Halloween 2011. It hasn’t all been fun and games though, on Halloween week 2012, Hurricane Sandy, a category 3 storm came sweeping through the north Atlantic region of the U.S. killing several and leaving many more without power. Jessica recalls “not being concerned about Halloween that year , but more concerned for her and her family.” Among many, one of the Hurricane’s nicknames was “the storm that stole Halloween”, as many hopeful trick or treaters were not able to participate that year, and some were met with tragedy. Jessica, still determined, dressed her niece and nephew up as she has done for the past few years on Halloween, and walked them around lower Manhattan, surprisingly establishments were ready for them as the kids came back with plenty of candy.

Hurricane sandy as it reached its final form a category 3 in the fall of 2012.

Lastly I asked Jessica to make an argument for going out on Halloween, what was her sales pitch? Jessica says “it’s a fun night to go out and be apart of generally. Whether you wear a costume or not you’ll definitely be able to enjoy yourself just watching what others have on.”

Now you may be asking yourself if you are dreading this day every year then why do you continuously go out? Oh the things we do for love, actually it’s a bit more complex than that. When you research Halloween history there are some peculiar tidbits of information that come up, from ritualistic type behaviors to a celebration of the dead, somewhere in between those two is a really good joke i know it. I don’t personally believe in Ghosts or the supernatural, but i do believe that other people believe in them pretty strongly. For some reason there are those who look at Halloween as the ultimate night of mischief, whether they want to conjure something up, or just prey on the misfortune of others. No matter where the truth lies on Halloween night one thing is for sure I will NEVER let my lady go it alone. Sigh, and so I wait patiently until she eventually (hopefully) grows out of it, until that day comes you can find me in all types of ridiculous get ups right next the My Mrs. (please see ridiculous pictures below)

my wife as popular wrestler Sting on the left Jesus in the Center and myself as popular wrestler Undertaker on the right or as some called me that night Jack sparrow take your pick. Halloween 2015.
myself on the left just being me and the popular killer in the Jason movies at the same time, and my wife Jessica on the right being a female version of Jason. Halloween 2013.

So goblins and ghouls while the decision to Halloween or not tonight is ultimately yours to make, I would like to offer this solemn advice, don’t go it alone. No one knows what tonight holds, and while the same could be said for every night I urge everyone specifically to be careful while still having fun of course. I want to hear from the readers in the comments what is your stance on Halloween festivities?, and be sure to let me know what or who you will be dressed up as. Happy Halloween everyone.

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