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I think you’re kind of, if not completely, misrepresenting the good cop argument in this and just laughing it off as a joke from the very beginning. I am a Spurs fan and I think Kyrie would fit in just fine if he went there.

First of all, Kyrie Irving is definitely one of the top 5 point guards in the league. my 5 would be Russell, Steph, Kyrie, CP3, John Wall in that order. I don’t count James Harden as a point guard. he’s more of a ball centric shooting guard. he is also on a team with knockdown shooters so it makes sense for him to lead the league in assists. Russell probably could have led the league with supporting players like Harden had, rather than what he had. Damian Lillard is good, but he is not better than Kyrie. same with John Wall. great players no doubt in both of them, but Kyrie is better and a much better closer.

I don’t think that Kyrie just choosing the Spurs counts as a reason he would fit, and I don’t know anybody who would argue such an ignorant position. this seemed like some strawman here.

Kyrie would fit in with the Spurs because he is a good shooter who can drive and dribble and create his own shots. honestly, all you have to do is look at Tony Parker and see that Kyrie would fit in perfectly fine in San Antonio and would be a better Tony Parker who can shoot.

someone asked me how he would fit when Kawhi is their star player. that does not matter one bit. I think I know for a fact that Kawhi doesn’t care who leads the team in points or is the star of the team as long as they win. and with Kyrie they could honestly beat the Warriors in the playoffs if Kawhi is healthy. (all but shut down KD in Game 1 this year). Kawhi leads the Spurs in points because he HAS to. he worked on his offense because the other stars were retiring and all they had was Lamarcus Aldridge who isn’t that reliable for scoring. Kawhi is defensive oriented. that’s where the most of his focus is on the court. but since they didn’t really have another option for reliable scoring on offense as consistently as they had hoped, Kawhi HAD to be the scorer and playmaker. imagine if they had Kyrie and how their wouldn’t only be 1 go to option for points.

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