Home is where one starts from. — T. S. Eliot

The home should be the treasure chest of living. — Le Corbusier

Walking “home” a few nights ago I was struck by how beautifully the moon was framed by the cloud covered night sky. Being struck by this is not exceptional to me, as I count astronomy as one of many passions. Over the course of the past six months alone, I can recall several other instances that share much in common with this one; eyes up, moon, clear sky, perspective, etc. But what this experience brought that the others did not was a feeling of home, of extreme pleasure to be in “this place” as opposed to any other our world offers us. I’ve lived many places, there are many locations I would count myself as a resident, but “home” has been elusive. It felt close that night.

It inspired curiosity as to what elements brought me this feeling, and through metaphor, what elements might provide this “home” to users of a site/app.

Initial, quick inquiry leads to suggestions of direct scope, immediate accessibility of intention (can you identify function is 7 seconds clearly), effective chunking, etc. I’ll keep thinking.

Extending the meta — I’ll go with, I believe home has a lot to do with the biases you bring, with your expectations. When the place either keeps your attention (could be through defiance of expectation positively or negatively) or if it has held your attention long enough to become novel, I think it has a chance to be what you imagine when you thrice click your rubbery slippers.

What’s your home meta?

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