Be Proud of Your Fake Boobs Like Bill Gates.

Everyone, every single one on the planet, myself and yourself included, is proud of something.

It can be anything.

Some girls are proud of their breasts filled with silicon.

Some guys are proud of their 27-inch arms.

Some grown-ups are proud to have 14 designer watches and 5 fancy cars sitting in their bedroom and garage respectively with the huge debts pressing down on their shoulders.

Some are proud to be gay. Others are proud to be anti-gay. Even asexuality can be something to be proud of.

Some make the derogatory comments about the health freaks with pride. Health freaks make fun of the people who eat McDonald’s, with pride, as well.

Bill Gates seems to take great pride in giving away almost all of his money.

Some unknown people like to give away their hard-earned money without any recognitions.

It can go on and on.

And, we all believe what we, as individuals, believe should be accepted by everybody in the world.
We preach what we practice, whether it be selfish or selfless, religious or secular, materialistic or spiritualistic, capitalistic or communistic.

You and I have to choose at least one thing to be proud of and what we are going to preach to the world.
Whether you like it or not. It’s just human nature.

What do I believe in now? What am I snobbery about now?


I used to be a snobby reader. I believed reading was an essential activity that EVERYBODY should do without skipping a day. I judged the people who don’t read.

Even though that must have been annoying for some, it served me very well.

I think I chose the right thing to take pride in.


I kind of ditched taking in more information for now. And I chose ‘minimalism’ to be proud of now.

I am a proud minimalism snob.

I don’t store stuff in my room. A desk, some exercise equipment, laptop, smartphone, and a few dozen books are all I own in a literal sense.

I wear the same shoes and clothes everyday. By everyday, I mean EVERYDAY. I get a kick out of the comments from some of my friends like “These are implanted in your body? You’ve been wearing the same shit since high school.”

I am 24. My relatives and friends who are in their 20’s like to spend large amounts of money on traveling abroad without saving money and post cool pics on Instagram. I am proud not to get fooled by the marketing from the airlines and traveling agencies.

I sleep on the floor, even though I have a bed. I am proud of it, too. I like to practice poverty on a daily basis. I think it is arming me to face the future uncertainties without acting out, when that really happens.

I think minimalism should be forced with the legal powers upon everybody in the world.

I want to do the missionary work on minimalism.

This is how much I believe in. This is how much I want to preach.

I think I chose the right one that supports my future retirement and happy life.

You can choose fake boobs, donating, not owning stuff, or even being a jerk to somebody to be proud of.

Just choose wisely.

Lastly, when you think you’ve picked the right thing… , if you REALLY believe you’ve chosen the right stuff…

Please, don’t be ashamed. Be proud, extremely proud.

When you choose the right thing, the people around you will go crazy and talk shit, because that’s like holding an uncomfortable mirror in front of them constantly.

Be proud, Regardless.

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