How to Resist the Temptation When a “Beautiful Woman” Cajoles You to Get Lazy.

devil and beautiful woman…such a dangerous combination…

I’ve been waking up before 5AM for a little less than a week without skipping a single day. I know it may be healthier to wake up around the sunrise, but I’ve got STUFF to do.

Waking up early is one of the few important things to me.

But, today I was put to the test.

I felt lethargic, sluggish, draggy, and tired. I made a mistake of going to bed yesterday. I felt the heaviness of sleep deprivation.

I knew this kind of devil would come and visit me to reason like a lawyer to rationalize myself into not keep doing what I committed, and to cajole me like a beautiful lady in a bikini.

Pushing through the temptation of sleeping in and waking up no matter what is the hardest of all, because you are not as smart as you are during the day yet, and it’s much heavier to lift up your eyelids than lifting weights.

But, I woke up. It’s almost a miracle if you know how undisciplined I am.

I didn’t do anything to kill that motherfucking demon who tells me to get some sleep in.

The “traps” I set, in case when (not if) I don’t feel like it with whatever bullshit that I have in my mind, have done all the jobs.

They’ve caught that bad guy and blown that demon’s legs off mercilessly.

What are the traps?

A) Utilize Social Media

Follow me and curse at me if I wake up late. Don’t bless me. I don’t need it.

As you see the photo up above, I post the photo of my watch right after waking up to show the world the time when I rise up every single day. I don’t want to let people on the Interwebs down.

I know that people and my friends don’t give a fuck. But, the potentiality of being made fun of on social scares me.

We all dread public humiliation as social beings.

Utilize that fear.

B) Take Advantage of Loss Aversion of Money

The other trap that I carefully planted into my psyche is the fear of losing money, which is the most scary thing that can happen to anybody anywhere.

Don’t say money is not the most important thing in the world. It is. I care about every penny you have. Admit it. Swallow the sword.

How did I plant that in my mind?

I wried 100 bucks to Mom and told her not to give that money back if she catches me swimming in my dreams after 5am.

She took it with such pleasure. Who hates potentially free money?

But, I am a cheapskate. You are, too.

Use your stinginess generously.

I am extremely proud that I prepared myself to ‘just do it’ when I don’t want to ‘just do it’, and that the tricks worked great today.

These are effective and free. Why don’t you do the same thing as me?

[Book Recommendation: The War of Art by Steven Pressfield/ It elaborates on the devil that I killed beautifully. It’s my favorite book, hands down.]

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