It sucks when you had a great bond with someone and it just fades away,

Its like you can feel it in your chest that that persons forgetting you

One day you’re staying up till dawn with them on the phone,

Next thing you know its small talk every couple weeks

You used to confide in each other daily,

Now they’re someone you don’t even know anymore

Or how about the constant phone calls and movie dates or mall trips,

What happened to those?

Now you only see them at your other friends gatherings or accidentally on the streets,

But what happens now when you see them?

Them running into your arms giving you a big ole hug with a big smile on their face?


Sometimes its a subtle hi, or sometimes they just walk right past you…

From friends, to best friends, to lovers,

only to go back to being strangers

It hurts I know, but sometimes people just outgrow other people.

Sometimes we were the bad guy, or sometimes they were the bad guy,

maybe our toxic traits ruined everything, or maybe their toxic traits ruined everything,

either way it happens, and the best way to handle it is to love them from a far

And most importantly,

don’t lose yourself, and don’t let the situation engulf you in flames.

If it was true love then they will come back. But until then live your life,

and just hope that you meet them again in another lifetime..