Have you had dinner at one of those places which serve everything? You know those places, they have every possible cuisine on the menu, North Indian, South Indian, Chinese, Italian, Mexican! Essentially every possible type of food is served to you under the same roof and all of it happens to appear on the same menu.

So the question for today is: Do you think a restaurant which serves Dosa (or Dosey as certain South Indians like calling it) would serve good pizza? And since right-wing folks are butthurt right now, I can put the question in another way, do you think Pizza Express would serve good Dosa?

The answer, if you’re sane enough, would not be ‘yes’. There is absolutely no way that a restaurant can serve multiple- cuisines and still get all of them right. However, as a country our establishment is currently running around telling us to do everything, all of it at the exact same time.

Our current establishment has very strong views about how India needs to move forward and although that is not a bad thing, the way they’re going about it at this point, doesn’t seem like the right way. (Or maybe it does seem the ‘right’ way, geddit?) Our current government believes that India can be a manufacturing hub (something like China) and continue being the Outsource-Capital of the world with the pre-existing ITS-related end-to-end solutions we provide to companies globally, they also want India to be an agrarian economy, citing several times that the farmers are the backbone of the nation’s economy. (Which isn’t technically true but that is a debate for another day)

Is it good to have a goal and a strong agenda set as a government? Yes, it is.

It is okay to ruin and politicise the situations and goals? Probably not.

This is our industrial revolution, this is our independence 2.0, this is our future as a country and we still don’t know which way we are going to move forward. Our diverse population doesn’t help to answer these issues anyway, the rich-poor divide is vast, the situations are severely different depending on an individual level which causes a non-linear vote bank and nothing except politicising the issue is done once every five years.

Do we really want to be an Udipi which servers Punjabi Samosa in the same plate as a Masala Dosa? Or the burger joint which starts serving Biryani with their cuisine? What is our core competency, as a country? Our economic progress means nothing if we don’t have a concentration of administration + the people pushing towards an agenda which brings out our core competency, attracts foreign investors and makes us money and gives out jobs to people.

We cannot at such a critical time delude ourselves with fake expectations and promises, we must rather, concentrate on what we are better at than every other developing country in the world, we must make the true-global economies believe that we have potential, that our barbaric laws are not going to stop them from making money because in 2015, you really can’t walk alone as a country, specially not when you call yourself a liberalised economy.

I do understand the implications of depending on a certain industry, in this case, like China, our country will (Maybe it has) reach a brink point, economically speaking and lower growth rate would follow, it’s the classic-economic cycle that no country has escaped from (Maybe America did on certain occasions but those were very different times) but when I suggest depending on one industry, I don’t mean limiting ourselves to vertically grow in that same sector, I am not a believer in horizontal growth. As an example, think of Apple, the iTunes was a build-up for the iPod, which was a build-up for the iPhone and the iPad, following in the same sector = vertical growth policy. Compare that a Tata or a Reliance, which due to certain constraints back in the day had to diversify into different sectors altogether, and end up failing in most of them because that wasn’t who they were as a company, because their core competency was elsewhere.

I think it’s time India decides what road to take because time is running out (It really is) because do we really want to be mediocre? Do we really want to eat a burger with the same patty-filling as a Masala Dosa?