Self Goals.. FTW?

When was the last time someone suggested you to be selfish? Never, I assume. But what if you become selfish today?

Become selfish at work: focus on your self goals. Before you start working on a task; read everything available on the internet, analyse different approaches to the same problem, debate with colleagues about the best way to do it.
Because you want to make the time-spent count. Because you have to make your current work, the best work you have ever done. Because you want to grow each day!

Become selfish when your peer asks you to review his work. You should critique the simplest thing that could be improved in his work.
Because by doing this, you will have to inspect his work carefully, introspect and lookout for better ways of doing the same thing. Whenever I do this, I end up googling/reading many articles and in the end, I know what is the best approach. What next? Simple, I apply that to my work.

When Sachin Tendulkar scores hundreds and pockets thousands of runs, he is selfish because he wants to optimise the time he spends playing. But at the end of the day, those runs are his contribution to the team. What if everyone in Sachin’s team played to outsmart himself, beat his personal best; he eventually helps the team beat its records!

As a human being, our first instinct is to take rather than give. When you do something for your own personal gain, there is a motivation to achieve. It is this motivation that you can leverage to not only better yourself but be a valuable contributor to the team.

And now imagine if everyone in the organisation/team works towards optimising their time to maximise their learnings, to improve their own capabilities; you have a team that continuously outsmarts itself!