Posted on June 23, 2016 by chimerapoet

Everyone is a moon.
Everyone shines and chases after the brighter lights.
Everyone watches below and picks out only a few spaces to illuminate
leaving everything else in shadow.
Everyone hides their face.
And everyone changes.
Everyone is a wave.
Everyone surges forward and falls back, 
captive to gravity and its siren song,
leaving traces and seeding gritty bits of themselves. 
Everyone wears away, 
their sharp points dull with the tossing,
until whats left behind is light enough to surface,
to leave bobbing against the shoreline.
Everyone is a tide,
highs and lows and highs again,
full of foam and sky and deep cold.
Everyone wants their moments in the sun
but must follow the rhythms of the sky and earth
and leave some things behind to shrivel.
Everyone rises.
Everyone falls.
And eventually…
everyone washes away.


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