Data Management Services — How Bad Data Hampers Business?

Data Management Services — Just like a car can’t run without fuel, even email marketing campaigns can’t be launched without accurate and relevant data. In other words, it serves as the lifeblood for every modern data driven organization. It is also true that records and information tend to change every passing hour. People alter their profession, email address, job title, physical address, phone number and other similar details whenever need arises. Decaying records do no good to publicizing campaigns. More than draining your marketing efforts, bad data can cost a business in many ways.

Business Consequences in the Absence of Data Management Services –

Wastage of Money:

Studies shows that $3.1 trillion yearly is the cost, the United States economy alone pays for bad data. It is so because, lack of genuine records leads to poor decision, unnecessary server cost, low revenue, inefficiency etc. Marketers land up targeting audience who have changed their contact details and can’t be approached through their old addresses. If data would have been updated and maintained through USA data management services, then instead of financial loss higher ROI could have been attained.

Poor Email Deliverability:

Deliverability being one of the most essential aspects of email marketing, it is very important for your emails to get delivered at the right inbox for proper communication. This is possible only when the database is up-to-the-minute. With outdated records neither the sent emails will reach its targeted inbox nor will be in a position to engage audience.

Data Management Services — How Bad Data Hampers Business?

Storage Issue:

Marketing automation platforms such as CRM, charges as per the storage size of a database. Say for instance, you have 5000 contact details and 1000 out of them are outdated or decayed. Don’t you think that you are at a loss? First of all, you are paying unnecessarily for 1000 invalid contact information. Secondly, your storage is wasting its space for 1000 such information which will never reward your business efforts. Third, you are losing 1000 genuine customers who are not part of your database but are present in the market. Thus, it is advisable to avail data management services and organize valuable records for better marketing performance.

Ruins Marketing Campaigns:

As it has already been discussed, marketing campaigns start rewarding only when an email reaches its target customer on time. This can be attained only when a database stays free of missing fields and invalid details. Furthermore, bad data can even pose hindrance in segmenting customers, performance metrics or any other personalized marketing tactics.

No Scope for Customer Relationship:

For any contemporary customer-focused brand, it is of utmost importance that it builds healthy customer relationship. To maintain this, again data is the prime medium. Without relevant and updated contact information, it will be impossible to create communication and without any engagement, there won’t be any brand awareness.

Thus, in a nutshell we can say that data management services in USA and from other providers, not only serves handy in preventing customer contact information from decaying but also to launch triumphant marketing campaigns.

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