Excerpts from police report the Des Moines Register doesn’t want you to know about:

The matter, as well as entire relationship, was consensual and (other than in advocacy reporter Lee Rood’s version) only ever involved nearly instantaneous, non-invasive, somewhat typical teenage touching…

“Natalia told Deborah that Nick didn’t force her to do anything nor hurt her. Natalia did everything willingly…”

“Deborah asked Natalia if anyone had touched her or hurt her and Natalia said no.”

“Natalia stated that she didn’t tell anyone because it was not a big deal because Nick didn’t make her do anything she didn’t want to do.”

“Kassidy stated that Natalia told the police a different story than what she told Mercy staff. Kassidy stated that Natalia told Mercy staff that she took off her own clothes and let Nick kiss and touch her willingly. Kassidy stated she believes that is the truth…”

“Kassidy stated that she was told by a nurse that the exam came back normal.”

The kids had known each other for 6 months and had dated for the last 2 of those months…

“Kassidy stated that Natalia has known the suspect Nick Fifield for several months and has hung out with him at the group home before the incident.”

“Natalia stated that she met Nick a few months ago on the Meet Me app on her I-pad.”

“Deborah (Natalia’s mother) stated that Natalia has known Nick for a few months now. Natalia has met a few boys on the Meet Me app and that is where Nick and Natalia had met.”

“Deborah stated that Natalia and Nick have met in person a few times and have even walked around the mall and Natalia has met Nick’s parents.”

Original allegation had to do with an unidentified “black man”. By the time an officer arrived it had changed to her white boyfriend. Why? Why wasn’t this ever investigated?

“Natalia told her mom that some black man had asked her to have sex and she told him no. Deborah asked Natalia if the man could have been Nick because they were together this past weekend and Natalia told her mom ‘no’.

No attempt was ever made to disclose the after-the-fact, presupposed mental defect to her boyfriend or his parents…

“Nick asked Angie why Natalia couldn’t leave with him since she is 18. Angie told Nick that Natalia needed some assistance with making the right decisions about things, Nick said he didn’t understand and Angie said “she just needs some assistance”.

Court ordered report of 10/06/16: I spoke with Angie Leake… She further stated that Examinee asked Ms. Leake why Natalia was at that group home. Ms. Leake stated she was not able to tell him all the details because she was present, but stated “Because she needs help making decisions.” Ms. Leake stated Examinee had a response similar to confusion or wondering what Ms. Leake’s answer meant and didn’t really know why she was there.