Why handling the truth about alien life may be trickier than we thought

Jason Figueroa
Nov 1 · 6 min read

An Experiencer’s guide to disclosure

In all its complexity, the UFO phenomena is a manifestation that operates behind the mind of the observer. What that means is, we never just see an ET craft or UFO by chance, we manifest an ET experience. This is why meditation can trigger the experience for a person or a group of people, as CSETI’s Dr. Steven Greer teaches in his CE-5 protocols. Once frequency dynamics change within an individual’s DNA, be it through meditation, psychedelics, or even traumatic or extraordinary circumstances, the attachment to, or persistent visualization of the UFO phenomena can potentially manifest and lay dormant within one’s mind/matter relationship. This is why the phenomena has a tendency of following individuals after the first set of experiences, as was reported in a May 2018 article in Newsweek regarding the Pentagon’s assessment of the Skinwalker Range phenomena.

If advanced ETIs manifest out of our minds from a different spacial reality, but still manage to appear in our physical space, it could only mean that it’s coming from a different understanding of reality itself.

Through the study of quantum mechanics, it’s fairly understood that all time, matter, and space is occurring in sort of simultaneous fashion. After all, it was the famed physicist John Wheeler who proposed the idea and quoted, “Time is what prevents everything from happening at once.” So the UFO experiencer appears to be a type of person that begins to perceive the theoretical, with little to no resolution or acknowledgement from the public on what they are experiencing.

Art depiction of ‘many worlds’ hypothesis

From a quantum mechanical perspective, all matter is made up of entangled particles that charge with different frequencies of energy. Think of this like a web of light that changes into different webs every moment. The next moment is only vibrationally different than the moment before. So essentially, we as observers are just stepping from one web of experience to another. We see this process with our senses as ‘the passage of time.’ As we move through our world, whatever’s around the corner is really a collection of potential outcomes rather than a linear progression of a singular event. This is what made Erwin Schrödinger’s cat thought experiment so critical in understanding the macro world of quantum mechanics.

This is the advanced physics of tomorrow that was discovered well over 70 years ago. It has implications that seem to have always been studied deeper in secret and away from public view. It means that, in it, there’s something tangible that governs how the future operates. As well, it also speaks to a modality to how the dream world may work, as it relates to ‘this world.’ ETIs choose to intentionally enter our personal spaces to bring us a personal experience that’s related to our energy states and life paths. On some level, this gives new meaning to the idea that we are the ETIs in some reality or dimension. We bring the phenomena into this world for us and others to see.

Now, this doesn’t mean that we are literally them. But in Ether, where consciousness energy moves light, and to our current understanding, worlds, we become many people and many things on different timelines. We cross connect and may be able to grab but a glimpse of the energy that we share with these other universes, and still call it our own. It means that the UFO phenomena passively addresses the issues of higher dimensions and simultaneous incarnations, or what was always understood as reincarnation. These are topics that put the philosophies of Buddhism and Hinduism leagues ahead of our sciences and western culture of today.

From a strictly scientific perspective, it validates the modality for the theoretical multiverse that was proposed by physicist Hugh Everett in 1956. As well, it also narrows down the implications of quantum entanglement and superposition or simpler terms, ‘many worlds.’

Every moment is a different world that we just see as a different moment, and consciousness uses imagination, belief, and anxiety levels as the driver. That means that, although the future may be set in stone, free will hides in the probabilities we each walk into. We’re all essentially time traveling between different ‘now moments’ simultaneously and all agreeing to the fictional passage of time.

This concept calls into question the real workings of mental illness, paranoia, narcissism, and above all else, schizophrenia and DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder). It also brings validation to new aged concepts like the power of manifestation, visualization, synchronicity, and the law of attraction. It challenges the idea of an objective reality and forces us to entertain the concept of subjective experience.

It’s the reason channelers, shamans, and mystics have been able to pierce the veil of secrecy to bring us truths about the universe decades, centuries, and even Millenia ago. It deals with understanding where intuition, or the “ah ha” moment comes from, what angels & demons really are, and it forces us to reassess the ideas of prophecy and the entire conglomerate of religious experience.

‘Crucifixion of Christ,’ Visoki Decani Monastery, 1327

Lee Speigel, writer, paranormal expert, and Huffington Post contributor in Dec of 2015:

In fact, most, if not all successful religions have originated at the point of a prophet touching the veil between worlds; whether it was Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, or Mohammad. Control dynamics within the respective churches seem to have played a role in why this information has been hidden, or grossly misinterpreted. These truths only serve to empower the individual, which diminishes the power of a church or institution. It can even diminish the power of a state.

‘The Annunciation with Saint Emidius’ by Carlo Crivelli, 1486

This all may have had profound National Security implications for Governments as they discovered where ETIs come from and how they get here. Technological secrets behind ET ships is only part of the story, and probably the smallest part. The big picture really involves ESP, remote viewing, religious reinterpretation, and timeline manipulation.

I’m my view, this is what disclosure activism should focus on. It’s not about the Navy’s confirmation that UFOs are real, or simply seeding to the public the idea that we may not be alone, but leaving it open ended without follow up. It’s not about continual threat narratives being played out in the corporate media. It’s about disclosing the true nature of who we are, why we are here, and how this matrix of life really works. It’s about ending secrecy.

U.S. Department of Defense photo, USS Nimitz 2004

So next time you wonder why many in government believe that we can’t handle the truth, and only disclose bits and pieces of the picture, perhaps this is why. It can be very easily misunderstood or not even believed by many. And for governments around the world, this kind of knowledge would only serve to loosen their grip on the mass mindset they appear to be trying to steer for the purpose of influencing timelines and events in favor of the survival of the National Security establishment.

The most mind blowing part of it all? It could very well be that we’re all just playing out a completely unconscious process of evolution on all sides, and we are exactly where we need to be, in the path of discovering all of this for ourselves.

Jason Figueroa

Written by

UFO experiencer, blogger, writer, meditation practitioner/coach

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