Jay Findling on the Strategic Questions You Must Answer as a Startup

You deserve a congratulation for starting a business. Your chutzpah, brains and money must have gone into this valuable investment. This blog does not intend to drain down your efforts but just to strengthen your ambitions.You see, there are challenges along the way and you have to be ready for them. Jay Findling, New Jersey Businessman, President and CEO of J Finn Industries is knowledgeable in these matters and provides you questions you need to answer to become a success.

Why do I Exist?

Why are you there? How does your existence affect the society you are located? This goes beyond your existence as a brand. How do you make the society’s life better. To understand the essence of this idea, just look at the top hundred brands that deliver on their purpose. You will notice that they add value to the society. If you cannot answer this question then follow Jay Findling account on Twitter for wisdom nuggets from a successful businessman.

Which Industry are You Dealing in?

When you know the industry you are in, you will be better placed to improve on your services and products targeting a particular audience. A good example of a business that understood their position is uber. They did not just come in as an ordinary taxi services but made efforts to make their services exceptional.

What Distinctive Values do you Bring to the Market?

Your customers are an asset and therefore you need to create emotional connections with them. This can only be achieved by executing your values. Tick down the list of values including helpfulness, playfulness, devotion and production of quality and implement.

Are you Ready to Deliver on Your Promises?

This is vitally important. It is what keeps your business on its feet. The requirement is that you keep your promises. No matter the value of your business, if you don’t keep your word it will be eventually valued at zero.

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