Why Americans Get Socialism and Capitalism Backwards
umair haque

Boy you really touched a nerve here (or the bots are botting)

My observation from this article is that some countries wealth is measured only in the net worth of an individual. In others wealth includes more dimensions like happiness, security, ease of life etc.. To me Umair is pointing out that in some countries (US) money is distributed based on how it impacts the wealth of the individual where in others a greater percent of the wealth is distributed to endeavors benefiting the public good.

How to allocate wealth is a decision. Since in most western countries people elect the folks making the decisions about where wealth flows, the people are responsible for the outcome. In other words the US people has decided by allowing money to flow towards individuals that individuals will be responsible and do the right thing and ensure some of their wealth flows towards the public good.

So all, why do most Americans not reward people doing the right thing (maximizing the public good)? What is it that allows individuals to get away with atrocious behavior where the only goal is to maximize profit and keeping that profit for themselves?