Is content really King?

Quality content should not be a dichotomy but my experience in the digital world has forced me to think in this direction.

Content has become the poster child of every marketer dealing in the humblest product or the biggest brand. They want consumers to notice them. Earlier, this content was delivered in a generic manner in the form of print advertisement, stating a purpose of fact.

Creativity, Purpose and the Audience

Later the same was done through the moving medium, which underwent many avatars and narratives. In the whole process, creativity, purpose and the audience were the main actors. The more unique and innovative companies were more noticeable.

Right from the printed word to selling of the ubiquitous needle, it was about delivering the best.

With the onset of the internet and the social media, the way content is delivered has undergone a change. It has turned a wee bit more personal. The aim is to still to reach the target audience-be it a single individual trying to get likes on selfies or a family portrait or businesses taking the social media route to reach the largest audience in a short and economical manner.

Commercials have given way to narratives and dialogues. And it is here that the dichotomy is evident. Everyone existing in the ether is a Content Creator.

Digital Calling Cards

Your calling cards are now your social media profiles, your websites and mobile apps. Ignore any one of them at your peril. The linguistics of carrying any form of social or economic interaction is based on how you present yourself in these forums.

Earlier, the marketing of your business was done by the creative and marketing department. Now another new dimension is the content manager/ curator, writer, editor call him what you may. I prefer the term — the Chief Brand Editor.

It is not an easy title to carry. The responsibilities are humongous as the target audience is blurred with the attention span of a gnat. To snatch that mini-second from the busy life of the consumer gnat is what the Brand editor is looking at.

The result is bombardment of content. Any format any form. Just keep it moving in the hope that someone, somewhere will take notice and in turn propagate the fact. The biggest victim of this kind of spread marketing is quality. Who has the energy or the time to monitor the sheer amount of content being thrown into the ether?
One basic fact that all companies forget is that the moment one acquires the digital calling cards, a business becomes the harbinger of content. You communicate with what you publish and to be cavalier with that is as good as committing marketing Harakiri.

Keep these Cs in mind

Do not Confuse quantity with quality

Desist from Curating Content. Create indigenous content

Confusion, Clear, Concise, Consumer and Communicate. I do not think I need to join the dots for you.

In other words, having a clear brand editorial policy will determine your presence and branding in the internet age.