Easily the funniest man alive.
Max, Pt. 1
Jay Goldman

Further proof (as if it were required) that can be repeated and verified on your own damn time: Full Instructions for Performing Mr. Smithsonian’s Favorite Joke:

Step 1: Procure a napkin, wrist-borne timepiece, wrist, and audience.

Step 2: Place timepiece upon wrist.

Step 3: Cover watch with napkin.

Step 4: Wave other hand above napkin while mumbling arcane sounding mystical mumbo jumbo punctuated with sharp “watch!” commands directed at audience and accompanied by pointing at napkin.

Step 5: Yank napkin from wrist to reveal timepiece and loudly proclaim “Watch!”.

Step 6: Hilarity ensues. Honest. Note: for reasons never quite clear to me, girls on first dates find this routine quite charming and liberating. Thank you Mr. Smithsonian.

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