Paying Our Way Out of Violence

The Ten Men Initiative is one borne out of a desire for men from all walks of life to help end dating and domestic violence through teaching other men how to help the victims of such abuse by reaching the abuser. In Rhode Island, Ten Men is the first statewide effort that consists of prominent male leaders in their communities dedicating themselves to ending the inaction of non-violent men who witness abuse, and don’t know how to help.

Domestic violence is a societal ill that plagues people of all ages, races, locations, socio-economic classes, cultures, religions and sexual orientations. How much financial wealth someone has doesn’t protect them being a victim of violence. However, when it comes to non-profits and government organizations aiming to prevent domestic violence and treat those that have survived it, funds are critical.

The Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence (RICADV), is the parent organization of Ten Men, and approaches the problem of domestic violence a few ways. In order to achieve the organization’s vision of a society wherein domestic violence isn’t tolerated, they focus on areas like; policy, prevention, survivor activism, communications, and training. And while donations and volunteer work is necessary, the organization requires operational funds in order to function properly.

The work of the RICADV is extensive and multi-pronged in its approach. However, the organization has repeatedly been awarded for its vision and the work that it does daily. In addition to public recognition, the RICADV has won a number of grants that help fund these admirable objectives.

In 2003, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) selected the RICADV as one of only fourteen states to receive the highly sought-after DELTA grant. The intention behind awarding this grant to the RICADV was to enlarge the organization’s capacity for prevention work throughout Rhode Island.

A decade later In 2013, the RICADV was again chosen once more as one of ten states to receive the CDC’s DELTA FOCUS grant.


The Delta DELTA FOCUS grant (Domestic Violence Prevention Enhancements and Leadership Through Alliances, Focusing on Outcomes for Communities United with States) is a cooperative agreement lasting for five years that funds 10 state domestic violence coalition grantees to engage in primary prevention of intimate partner violence (IPV). The point is to end the violence before it even begins through a number of means. The DELTA FOCUS Theory is described in greater detail in the image below.

Funding from sources like the DELTA FOCUS grant are critical in ending this epidemic of violence. These funds allow for organizations to operate at a larger scale and potentially have an effect on a greater number of people.

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