Do You Remember A Time When You Felt The Best You Ever Have.

That High You Felt being The Best You Can Be At That Moment.

You Can Do That 24/7 Once You find Your Feedom.

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See If You Can See My Freedom.

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A Mind Exercise To Invent New Products Servives & Ideas.

“The Power Of The Dream”……….Is It Still Alive?

This Will Change Your Life…….Take The First Step Forward

because you are at the Tipping Point right now.

What is that you ask?…….the moment of critical mass, the threshold, the boiling point.

Your business Needs to walk together one to one with Christ and“Build Relationships” at the same time give them every day the things they need for their lives “Services”.

Give Them “Innovated Designs” what they need.

Every person in the business must walk together with their Dreams. “The Power Of The Dream”……….Is It still Alive?

Any new or existing business that wants to GROW needs the most Talented people.

The Most Talented people must bring to the business their 1. Time 2. Service 3. Treasures- What is that mean? Start giving to your church of choice.

Why do you give? Because Where You GIVE Is Where Your Heart Is.

When you start Giving this is a step of TRUST.

Consistent giving is a step of INTENTIONALLY.

Tithing which means 10th is a step of FAITHFULNESS.

A Revealing God choose you and appointed you to BARE FRUIT.

Don’t worry The Holy Spirit will over come you. To use you to glorify him.

Remember its time, its here Rapped Network become a HUB OF SERVICES.

Don’t Ask me Why I Sent This. I heard you needed some Good Men and Women Of Faith.

Good Luck Empower Network Love You Guys and Gals!

If You Would Like A Copy of go to #ActionJaxonFormula there are prices and paypal below.

Remember this Is The Tip Of the Iceberg.

Lifetime Members Starting Price:

Just $25 for now for a living at home 21 to 25 years of age man or women….. who can cut there neighbors grass or baby sit a friends

child next door….. who can earn money to get this innovated formula.

At $55, you will not have to get approval or fill out a purchase order.

$26 for working students or college grad,

$76 for working Blue-collar worker,

$151 for working white-collar worker,

$251.00 for working internet marketer,

1,501 for working hard guru,

2,501 working harder guru slayer and

$5,001 working hard gura slayer, slayer.

Notice: Going Up In Price By the end Of the Month

If you’re thinking “$25 is cheap…what’s the catch?” then here are some reasons that should put your mind at ease:

$25 to me is a good starting number. But, it also puts this information within the reach

of everyone…from young low income women and men of faith. Then prices go up….. students, college and solo entrepreneurs to start-ups and even Fortune 500.

It weeds out the freebie people.

We only want serious innovated people with faith…. who want to take action, and in our experience charging anything…

even if it’s just $25 ……… gets rid of 99% of the tire kickers.

We also believe that once you experience this new innovated secrete formula, you’ll want to tell others.

But that’s it… No fine print…no “hidden expenses”…no smoke and mirrors. Just innovated information you will love and see the results fast.

How Long Will It Take To Get Access To This Mind -Breaking Formula?

As soon as you Login in to your Paypal account to send to …. I will google search to see your History……this part is very inportant:

I will mail out in 3 to 15 days the formula that is on a 8 1/2″ x 11″ laminated sheet to protect it and then You can put it on your refrigerator next to your pictures of your kids, Grand Kids, Dogs, and Cats……remember practice makes perfect…..perfect practice makes excellence….. so you will be able to learn how to practice to invent products, services, ideas and developing your potential in your business or your current employment position.

Thank You David Sharp for This New Medium Site

Designing Your Success,

Jay G Sparkman

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