Experiential Wholesale Marketing — the missing layer in Telecoms

In my many years of working in Wholesale Telecoms, I’ve always found it an uphill struggle persuading non-core customer segments (both retail and B2B), to use wholesale telecoms as a platform for innovation.

Wholesale Telecoms has never really gained recognition as an interesting piece of the telecoms value chain, largely due to lackluster marketing.

In today’s world, many B2C marketers understand that we as customers are increasingly persuaded to buy products based on experiential activities.

Experiential marketing has been a buzzword in retail marketing for a good number of years and with the advent of digital marketing, it’s becoming even easier to facilitate these experiences.

In simple terms, experiential marketing enables us to connect with brands through immersive and memorable experiences.

In retail telecoms, some mobile operators like O2 (Telefonica) have launched experiential retail to create a new mobile phone shop experience, hoping to showcase new technologies and products through in-store experiences.

Which leads me to ask the question, why doesn’t experiential wholesale (telecoms) marketing exist?

Could wholesale conferences have more stalls with live demonstrations, rather than pure discussions?

Could sales meetings be structured around live experiences of wholesale capabilities?

Wholesale Telecoms Operators have rich platforms, offering services for Voice, Data, Messaging, Roaming, Signalling, Connectivity, Interoperability, Billing, Settlement, Routing and of course a global network infrastructure.

These multitude of platforms are screaming to be used for innovative solutions, prototypes and ideas, discovered by experiencing wholesale telecom capabilities.

Experiential Wholesale Marketing is a collection of micro-experiences brought together through internal and external partnerships. It’s about co-creation of ideas and solutions, driven through a marketing programme.

My hunch is that any wholesale operator that can successfully build an experiential wholesale marketing programme, will have a greater chance of proving themselves as a key player in IPX and the broader IoT market.

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