If the Digital World feels foreign, then let immigrants inspire us on how to make it another “home”

This is my first post, and it’s dedicated to my parents –it’s a pretty personal take on my views on why we need to embrace the digital world for the welfare of the next generation.

As parents and educators, we want success for our children. We support and guide, teach and nurture and ultimately aim to set them up for their adult life, and we do this by using our worldly experience and knowledge.

The challenge today is that children are born into two worlds; the physical world built on “Mother Earth” and the digital world built on “Father Internet” (the US Govt. built the internet — hence I think it’s male!)

As first generation immigrants in England, my parents found it hard to bring up children in a “foreign” place with a “foreign” culture. But they choose to embrace and integrate, and eventually found a middle ground where they could feel more comfortable with their responsibilities as parents. Similarly my wonderful head teacher at my primary school did the same; she made a tremendous effort to encourage cultural integration to the vast majority of immigrant children that attended my school.

Of course, not all immigrants have adjusted to foreign culture, and without wishing to get into a debate about where that leaves the state of the world, I think it’s fair to say it certainly leaves a lot of problems for our relationship with the next generation.

But with great parents and great teachers in my life, I take inspiration and find strength in my own ability to understand the Digital World my daughter is growing up in……

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