Back at it.

Last week was our first week back at work and school since Christmas break. I think the kids did a better job of getting back into the swing of things than we did.

For Isaac, going back meant his first chance to wear his big boy underwear outside of the house. He did very well and we’re happy to report he’s earned his new Cranky toy. All of his friends at school are potty training right now too which probably makes it easier. Once they’re all trained, they get to move to the preschool class together!

Maya was excited to get back and show everyone her new walking skills. She’s almost ready to move into the toddler room with her friends. We’ve also discovered that she LOVES oranges. More specifically the juice. She is more than happy to give the used slices back to us.

As they get older, we love to watch them play together more and more. The game of choice lately has been hide and seek. Isaac is an expert seeker and Maya is really good at giving hiding places away. The highlight of both of their weeks was definitely watching the snow.

That’s all for now, stay tuned for next week’s update!

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