“ALL the protesters believe his family deserves justice, and #PeterLiang deserves punishment.”
Lea S. Yu

Lea, you are a writer on Black Lives Matter? I just saw it on your profile. Feel free to correct me if mistaken.

If yes, I believe you would have a lot of knowledge of that movement. On the other hand, with your family name Yu, I guess you have at least one parent of Chinese descent. But, are you very familiar with Asian American culture, and do you spend a lot of time in networking with our diverse Chinese communities and people?

Debates never end without time limit or a moderator. I would not say your arguments to Steve Huang’s are wrong, under different perspectives. However, I feel that your arguments made against Steve’s showed your narrow vision to others. There’s nothing incorrect for him to share the importance of protecting us and our future by standing up and voice in this land of freedom. It’s better for us to be inclusive and respectful while we live with differences. Don’t judge others.

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