Hello. I appreciate your response to my article.
Leo Kim

Thank you for your response in return.

Again, I hope that you would see this rally with a clear mind. Let me share with you of my knowledge to the protest:

Scapegoat is not the same as free bird/scot free. We are not asking for drop of conviction. Between the lines, they are begging for leniency. No one said Peter Liang should not be held accountable. But, unlike the word “shooting” that you used to describe the incident, it was a discharge without intention. Peter Liang did not aim nor shoot at anybody.

You are confused if apologies were sufficient to mitigate.

The rally included a moment of silence with condolences to the death of Akai Gurley. It was not an intent to mitigate anything. The protesters are sorry for the loss of Gurley’s life due to the accident.

“…the overall anti-black nature of the protests. Asking for “Justice for Peter Liang” seems quite disrespectful to the dead man…”

Come on, it seems that you are judging the protest with bias. The protest was set against the judiciary system and NYPD. It was nothing against the African Americans.

“… where were the protesters when Eric Garner was killed? When Sandra Bland was found dead in her jail cell?…”

That’s irrelevant.

In conclusion, it seems like you have a lot of imaginations to fabricate a picture about the protest and Chinese Americans. You are mixing bits and pieces to support your arguments of the failures of Chinese Am community.

In terms of diversity, all we have to do is to respect our differences. I respect LGBT, but it doesn’t mean that I agree. I have nothing to go against their legal marriage but I am against their rights of adopting kids.

Again, we are all learning to respect each other, at the same time, we maintain our rights to hold our principles of thinking and living as a human.

My little advice for you, Mr. Kim: try to look at things from different angles.

Thank you and good night.

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