The Traveling Bitcoin Salesman — A New Career?

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“The first time I ever heard anything about Bitcoin was on my flight back from Portugal. There was this guy at the terminal and you could tell he was an American. Gold chains dressed like a high class kind of gangster. You can picture it right?Well he was flying back to Kentucky too and so I sparked up a conversation because I was alone and why wouldn’t I?”

“So you just walked up and said, “hi?””

“Yep, just walked up and said, “You’re American, right.” And he looks up at me and says, “Yeah I am and you are too I can see. “ And so we sparked up a conversation.”

And that’s how my new roommate first heard about Bitcoin. The guy was flying around the world buying and selling Bitcoin and living off his profits.

“He said somethin’ about how the exchanges weren’t the best way to deal with privacy … You know it was all over my head at the time. Still kinda is to be honest. But I’ve looked into what it is by now.”

But this guy our roommate describes wasn’t that much of a baller.

“We got in late and I asked him if I could crash at his pad since I didn’t have anywhere to go yet and he was fine with that. But for how much he was bragging he made I was really surprised by his place. Real clean and low key. Like he wasn’t rich at all.”

“That’s the kind of rich you want to be,” says Rob. “The kind of rich where nobody knows you’re rich.”

“Plus I bet back then he was taking profits and all but if you’re trying to live off Bitcoin you’re not gonna have all the options in the world to spend it,” I add.

“Yep he said he was trying to keep it in crypto, so he was forced to hold back on the spending.”

So there are people out there, a pretty good number of people, who are traveling Bitcoin salesman. This story from our roommate is not the first that I’ve heard of. If you were to check out you would likely find a number of people who are traveling from place to place selling coins for cash and sidestepping the exchanges. I remember hearing from one guy that in a matter of a couple weeks he had been from Idaho to Vegas to Hawaii all for the sake of buying and selling cryptos (mainly big daddy Bitcoin).

So what does this mean? I’m not really sure other than that if there is a new career to be taken advantage of, someone’s going to take advantage of it. What an interesting job huh?!

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