What I Wish I Knew in My 20's Now that They’re Over

The view out my window

I spent my 20's have fun experiencing everything as a “grown up” or rather as an independent person. I spent them meeting people, staying out late, feeling what a hangover was all about, falling in love, falling out of love, experiencing heartbreak, traveling, and just going with the flow. I expected life to just create its self. The thought, “When is something cool gonna happen to me,” whispered in the back of my mind sometimes. But I wasn’t really thinking hard on what I wanted out of life, or rather what I wanted to use it for, or how I wanted it to look at the end.

Now 30 has hit and with it a new perspective on consciousness. I realize now that there’s a steering wheel. We actually have the ability to steer our lives in the direction we want them to go. I wish I’d recognized that in my 20's in the way I do now. I wish I’d learned consistency. I don’t know about you but my mom already had 3 kids by 30. That’s a wake up call. What have I been doing? I’ve had a ton of fun jobs but none of them with any destination. Not that I’d known where I wanted to go.

I guess my 20's were for opening up a room full of doors and peering through as many as I could. Now my 30's are for stepping through one of those doors and following that path. And I’m excited for it. I’m motivated for it.

But just like we all wish we’d gotten into Bitcoin in 2008, I wish too that I’d realized it back in my 20's. I wish I’d paid at least a little more attention to what I was gaining from the jobs I held and on building routines and habits I could be using today.

But hindsight is 20/20 isn’t it?

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