Why Is Waking Up Early So F***ing Hard?

So I’ve got this idea in my head that I want to start waking up early. Everywhere you look there are articles about how successful people wake up at 5am and get a strong morning routine crushed out before most of us are out of bed. I mean you’ve read about this right? Dozen’s of articles talk about it. And I think I understand the premises of the idea. You add more time to your day. You wake up excited to get working on your goals. And you have a set habit pattern that leaves you with willpower for the rest of the day.

It sounds freaking fantastic! I want more time. I want to wake up excited to do my work. I want to have a lovely morning routine sipping tea and writing. I want to be set up for success like this. So I prepare myself the night before. I get my morning planned out. I don’t go to bed too late. I know what I’m going to eat for breakfast. I have everything prepared for a good early morning.

And then the alarm goes off. And my heart drops. And I grab my pillow harder. And I slap at the snooze button. And I grumble and tell myself just a few more minutes. Sleeping feels so good! But my eyes are dry and they don’t want to open, and just a few minutes more won’t hurt. And so I sleep in. Don’t tell me you don’t ever do the same thing. Our beds are made to be comfortable. Of course we want to stay in them. But I want to be successful too. Sure there are people who sleep in and have found success, but at this point getting in a routine of waking up early has become a thorn in my side.

I can do before 7 most of the time. But I don’t get up and drop right into this fantastic routine that enlivens me. I stumble around. Scroll around on my phone. Maybe make some tea, get distracted by this or that and by the time I know it it’s 9am and I haven’t done jack shit. So I’m putting it out there for you all to bare witness. I will wake up at 5 and have a damned good routine by the end of August. And I will tell you how the hell I did it when I figure out how the hell I’m going to do it.

Because if that many people can tell us that waking up super stupidly early is one of the keys to success well then I’m going to use that key. Even if it means that I have to start opening up that door with a paperclip while I try to find the key.

Love you guys, It’s 9:18 … I guess I’ve written a post before 10. That right there is a start.

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