The agony and ecstasy of giving my first Lo Shu reading.

Paper with a Lo Shu Numerology reading written on it.

Written August 19, 2018

After deciding to pick up mentalism as a hobby (and maybe more than a hobby in the future) I heard talk of doing cold readings, or readings using an oracle (or system) such as palmistry, tarot cards, etc. I didn’t think any kind of readings fit the kind of performing…

Fun and Focus Even for Skeptics

What is Numerology?

Numerology is defined in my dictionary as the branch of knowledge that deals with the occult significance of numbers. But “occult” is one of those words which carries a lot of baggage with it. It comes from a word meaning hidden, or secret, which doesn’t necessarily mean there’s anything evil…

You don’t have to take offense just because someone offers it.

Let’s Talk About Steve

That’s my brother-in-law, Steve. A few years ago while meeting at Red Robin with our wives, Steve told me about something his grown daughter was doing and angrily said he was going to cut all ties and never speak…

A Tale of Minor Smuggling in Kenny Lake, Alaska, circa 1974.

When I was 12 years old my parents moved us to The Farm, a commune in the middle of nowhere Alaska. Unfortunately for my early “education” it wasn’t a hippy, free love, skinny-dipping kind of commune…

…it was a…

Jay Jennings

Jay lived on a bus as a little kid, on a commune as a medium kid, and graduated from Ringling Bro’s. Barnum & Bailey Clown College as a big kid.

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