A New Era

Legacy and Legion

“So tell me. How long I gotta pose like this?”

I got terrible goosebumps watching a video called Generations Throughout History. It follows over a century of American history from the Greatest Generation (1901–1927) all the way to Generation Alpha (2011–2025).

And, it dawned on me that we’re living in a new era. Who the hell is also surprised that it’s already 2017? Unless you’re one of those visionaries that feel that it’s only 2017.

Whatever the case, I want to say this to Generation Y — the Millennials. And, what I want to say is that…

We can be the next Greatest Generation.

A lot of people seem to enjoy dissing the millennials as lazy and selfish when we’ve only started. We just fucking started. The Great Recession slowed us down a bit, but we will overcome.

As the largest living generation that is essentially made of Americans in their 20s, we have the greatest potential for good. And now that we’re adults, we are on the threshold for the greatest reality for good.

So, let’s step up and show our worth. No longer children, we’ll become the teachers. We’ll become the builders. We’ll become the innovators. We’ll become the unprecedented.

Just imagine. Somebody that is going to change the world is already alive in our midst. The millennials that are walking among us will be tasked to tackle climate change, poverty, disease, natural disaster, pollution, racism, sexism, and a batch of other problems.

And does the time go by…

The generation that is considered to be the greatest — there are only 4 million living. The generation that has survived the Great Depression and WWII, their legacy still remains strong. And, I can see why a great portion of America is still overly romantic about this period of our history. They certainly weren’t perfect, but they showed honor, character, and strength.

I’m not sure when I felt that an era was ending. I’m not even sure if an era really ends. It moves on, rises, then falls to a quiet low to picked up again in some shape or form. But, I do hope that neo-nazism quickly finds itself plunging into the earth’s mantle.

Nor was I sure when I felt that an era was beginning. Maybe, it was when I just looked around and realized that we were much older. Maybe, it was when I looked around and realized that we were much stronger. It makes me feel all game and fired-up inside.

But, there is one thing that I do know. Generation Z and Generation Alpha will look up to us. No, let’s go all the fucking way. We’ll inspire the whole century after us just like the Greatest Generation. And when there are only 4 million of us left, we’ll definitely be in the history books for all of the crazy things we did.

I’m grinning really fucking hard right now. I hope it’s not too creepy.

Anyway, here’s a short poem I whipped up.

From Fall to Union

Till Blue, Red, and White.

To Legacy and Legion

The Greatest, The Greatest