Deleted Excerpt: Ishmael’s Last Breath

The sky was dark with clouds that looked like stone. The Earth was dying.

“There was no way you could win. This was inevitable.”

“I know.” said Ishmael. He began to cough up blood as he laid broken on the ground.

Titus looked surprised. Fits of lightning flashed.

All around him laid the destruction of the resurrection of Lucifer. Angels of heaven and hell. Men, women, and children. The blood soaked the dry earth like fingers reaching.

“Then why did you do this?”

“Because I hate God. He crowns himself perfect when he is the greatest sinner of all. He is false. He is a liar. But, he’s justice defined. No one can succeed in rebelling against God. His tyranny is untouchable. Cry with all of your being, but he will never save you unless you yield to his bigotry. He shows favoritism to the most brainwashed. His twisted sense of justice pervades all that exists, and no one can escape.”

“Truly fallen…But, do you not see what you’ve done? If you will hate God, hate Him alone. Why this path of destruction?”

Titus gritted his teeth with eyes of murder for the friends and innocent lost.

“Because this is his greatest sin: the creation of humanity. How disgusting … For his own glorious pleasure, He created servants to satisfy his implorable, unending gluttony for infinite praise. Likewise, what he created in his own image is as ugly, detestable, and traitorous as He. He created a people that kill and lie for mere luxuries. He created a people that hide behind fake laws of morality to justify their plunder of their fellow Man. But God created a world, in which these things would occur. Even with the absolute power to change the order of everything. With the power to change the logic of good and evil, joy and hatred, he chose this logos. This world is a reflection of his perverted justice.”

“But, murder. What you are doing is hypocritical.”

“You don’t understand. You never will. You have been born to kill me, and I have been born to die by the Hands of God. In the End, everything will fall to God’s glory. But, I will take advantage of this free will and God will surely hear. He will hear me say with the rage I have inherited, ‘No. I hate you.’ And then he will cast me down to the pit of sulfur so that I will suffer for an eternity. But, I will be there with the rest of my kind, those who desired true freedom. But all we subjects can do is cry, while he strikes with His unmerciful wrath. The death of humanity is something the Father has already done, and He sent his Son only as a testimony to his universal, infallible power. This is for the Sins of the Father.”

“Then for the Sins of the Father — the inevitable.”

With a dark face of wrath, Titus pulled back on his bow, and the Spear of Longinus turned into a maddening force, creating waves of energy that lifted the earth around them. The winds began to rise and then exploded in waves from the epicenter of his hatred. His weapon roared in excruciating agony as his hands began to burn in preparation of its final judgment.

Forged by the martyrs of God, the force of the Fourth was heavy, and the ground began to crumble as a crater formed around Titus and Ishmael.

“Father forgive me.” said Titus.

He let go of his hand, and the spear fired through the heart of Ishmael. At the point of impact erupted a flash of brilliant light that immediately changed direction back within itself. Time was briefly silent, to momentarily reveal a massive crater of Chicxulub proportions.

Then, a second flash of light of greater fury opened the heavens and injured the earth further. The sun had witnessed an event greater than Theia, a legendary impact that created the moon.

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