I Am Absolute


The sky appeared like stormy seas, a churning darkness briefly illuminated by shattering lightning.

Their shame incapable of being hidden, angels with ripped wings were falling from the heavens.

A tried man of blood and vengeance rose amidst his charred brethren that lay forever asleep, stolen.


He took heavy breaths that bridled with murder. His veins, profane and warped.

Flashes of light exposed a dilated iris that gazed at the blasphemy that sat in His throne.

“This is for the Sins of the Father.”


He pulled the string of his bow back and an arrow of lightning, of Lucifer and Longinus spoke its existence.

“I pervade.”

Event Horizon. The projectile soared through its effected disintegration as it pierced through the body of seas above.

To the Accuser, the Mouth that blasphemes.

“God will hear.”