Nightingale 1: Z-Axis

May J Lee ❤

This series is inspired by Earl Nightingale, hence Nightingale 1.

Known as The Dean of Personal Development, he was a famous American radio personality of the 1950s and was the author of one of the greatest motivational books of all time: The Strangest Secret.

I guess I’m kind of doing my own form of shit here. It’s a bit vulgar. But, that’s how I like things.

The Social Construct

Magnetic Repulsion

One thing that’s been bugging me is this fucking social construct. It’s actually kind of annoying. Let me explain.

There is this small, intangible force that traps people’s minds in a mire of bullshit. And, they don’t even realize it.

They’re so concerned about what other people think about them.

They totter around what is acceptable action, acceptable behavior, acceptable dress, acceptable this, and fucking so on.

Stop fucking up. DO YOU.

Let me tell you plain and simple.

NOBODY is thinking about you.

(Okay, maybe your mother or some significant other.)

But, there’s almost an advantage to this mind virus. Most people are already busy about how others are perceiving themselves. They literally don’t have time to be thinking about you.

So relax.

Because if you look around, you’ll realize that they’re just like you.

I know you saw it. Or maybe, it was you.

Two people were too afraid to help one another because of social conventions.

They weren’t even able to say, ‘Hi,’ walking past with an invisible divide.

Like two magnets repelling each other because they share the same side.


Right-Hand Rule

So, you want to get out?

Learn how to get into the Z-axis.

Don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about?

Good. I just coined the term’s new meaning today.


It’s simple, and we can learn from the Buddhist monks.

Mindfulness Meditation

There’s this thing called mindfulness that is probably not unique to the Buddhist tradition.

Wherever it came from or whoever really championed its beginnings, it will get you out of that social construct — an inherently selfish loop that breeds low-self esteem.

Ya’ll motherfuckers know what I’m talking about.


It’d be nice if you could find a quiet place to just meditate for a while. Maybe with some birds that chirp instead of squawk by two rivers that flow instead of crash.

But, we’re busy people.

No matter, it can be done. Being mindful can be done anywhere at anytime.

All you have to do is step out and observe what you are feeling.

As you feel the illusory gaze of others creep on you, let yourself feel as it would.

But, let that observer in your mind step out.

Get into the Z-axis.

You don’t have to stop yourself from feeling that societal pressure. Just take note of the feelings from the outside.

And, you’ll be surprised at how puny that pressure really is. From a different angle, you’ll see that you could have stomped that shit out all along — with some steel-plated dirt-caked lumberjack He-Man boots.

You might even learn to see how others are secretly crumbling in the inside from it. And, you’ll be disappointed because you’ll learn just how strong they could be.

But, strong isn’t exactly the right word. There isn’t a resistance to fight against.

Remember, you’re in a different plane. The current is moving in one direction, but the magnetic field is wrapping around in another.

Let me translate:

The emotions are moving in one direction, but your mind is moving in another.



A better word is stranger.

Just by being mindful, you’ll be different than most. It’ll be as if you occupied a whole different dimension as hell breaks loose for others.

It’s a pity that that’s strange.

So, I tip my fedora to you.

On your way, motherfuckers.