Sheer Christianity

In Response To An Atheist

An Idol

For most people, Christianity is a lie.

For most Christians, Christianity is a lie.

Most people don’t actually believe in God. They don’t believe that Jesus Christ is their savior. Deep inside, most know that it’s pseudo-profound bullshit. But, they’ll lie to themselves.

Lie, lie — and lie.

Why? Why do people tell themselves it’s true? Why do people go to church?

It’s because they’re lonely. It’s because they feel broken in a broken world.

And as a result, they’ll grab onto anything. They’ll believe in anything. If it’s about love, then it must be right. If it feels cathartic, then it must be right.

And if the social conditioning has begun early, you know that the voice that speaks inside of you is yours and yours alone. You feel guilty because you tell yourself that you should be. You tell yourself that you feel terrible because it’s this insidious phenomenon called sin that’s plaguing you. So, you go to church to feel that you’re doing something about your broken morality when it’s really just broken loneliness.

You’re tired. You haven’t slept. Thoughts ramble, you want to die — but at the same time, you want to live. So, you make up an eternal savior. You make up someone with boundless, unconditional love. And then, you spread this lie about this imaginary person to others to bring people just like you closer and closer.

You congregate and sing praises — lying to yourself that you’re doing this for God when you’re actually doing it for yourself.

You know.

You absolutely know that telling someone you love them will increase the chances of them returning it.

You know.

You absolutely know that most people live to save themselves.

If its about love, then it must be right…

If it makes me cry the pain away, then it must be right…

If people say that they love me, then it will be right.

Over Troubled Waters

But, the bullshit cannot last.

The real world forces you to confront your lies.

Childhood cancer. Dementia. Racism. Hurricanes. SIDS.

There’s only so much an imaginary rain of love can do for a world razed.

Because it’s not just emotions of loneliness anymore. It’s not just an existential chasm in your spirit. People are dying. You’re dying. The pain is real.

And, the hatred ensues.

Still trapped in the mire of your lies, you begin with hatred. The bitterness grows, while its dissonance rattles on until it becomes so great that the mirage sonicates.

And then, you say — God is not real.

And from here, there are two paths one can take.

1: To recycle your fake heart for another to run a self-centered loop of faith and faithlessness until your troubled heart rests in peace.

2: To strip yourself of anything God, remove yourself from the lies, and tell yourself that you are free and happier as an atheist.

Most take the first, but the brave take the second. And, the second path sounds good, doesn’t it? You get to be happier. Isn’t that what you’ve always wanted?

But, something is not right. Maybe, it’s the social conditioning again. It’s acting up. It must be suppressed. It’s making me close-minded…

You’re healthy. You have money. You have the love of your life. You have smart, beautiful kids. You selflessly help others for their benefit and not yours. You love people, and people love you. Your legacy will reach far and wide. And when bad things happen, companionship and wisdom keeps you resilient. You’re happy.

But just for a moment…

You see a different color. It’s so subtle that you could ignore it for the rest of your life. You can’t deny that it’s there, but you don’t what it is. It could be just you. It could just be your emotions.

You want it to be nothing.

What if there was a third path?

Mere Christianity: The Third Path

Bridge Over Troubled Water Cover

In this world, there’s no point in walking the third path. It’s a suicide mission.

Nobody cares that you walk this path nor can people tell. If God exists, he would be the only one to know. Not even you with all of your certainty would know.

You could feel a spectacle of emotions or you could feel nothing at all.

But, what must be understood before embarking this path is a realization:

When will you realize that this idol was really just you — but you as perfection defined?

When will you realize that when you wished the world was perfect that what you really wanted was to be perfect yourself?

When will you realize that to be perfect is to be God.

When will you realize that all you really wanted was to be God?

And like lightning, even the best of us — the happiest, the saddest — will fall.

And at the Styx of meaninglessness, one may find the path in the overgrowth.

You can always ask for your life and go back from whence you came.


Ask for Death. Just on the whim of a different color. You’d be crazy because there’s no gain. There’s no honor. There’s no glory. And the whole time, you could be wrong.

You won’t feel happier. And when you pray, the sick won’t be healed. Life may even turn for the worse and probably will according to the prophecy of entropy. You could lose everything for no reason. And there will be nothing that can be done.

It’s a suicide mission for nothing at all.

The third path. It’s a goddamned path.

You’d have to be stupid to walk it.

You’d need sheer stupidity.

1 Corinthians 3:18–20