You Gorilla

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On Marriage

You know, the thing about love, the kind of thing you see in movies. That shit doesn’t really last that long. I mean, it can’t. Normal motherfuckers get tired. That kind of thing lasts for five years, if not three.

But, we still stayed together.

You just choose one, and stick with it.

I mean, you could try to find this best person, the one that’s perfectly suited for you and the other way around. But if you had any statistical common sense, you’d know that you’ll never have enough time to figure it out. Unless you do win some kind of love lottery, then just throw everything I said out of a 10 story building.

But yeah, you just choose one, and stick with it.

And, it’s inevitable.

You’ll end up hating each other eventually.

I mean, here’s a pleasant conversation we had the other night. We often read right before going to sleep.

“I hate you bitch.”

“Yeah, whatever, you fucking gorilla.”

“Hey, can you turn off the light?”

“Yeah, just a sec. I have to poop.”

And, her colon ass would just turn off the night lamp, and we’d go to bed.

And then, we’d wake up.

She’d look like a fucking zombie.

I a bowl of gelatinous human tissue.

And we’d make arguments about all the important things. It’s obvious that you put the seasoning in AFTER you put the noodles in boiling water. I mean, at least she’s not the type that puts either of the stuff before it’s boiling at all. Such savage shit, I can’t even…

But who cares.

You just choose one, and stick with it.


You just live. That’s it.

Most of life is monotonous. It just goes on until it doesn’t. Maybe it’s passionate as all hell when you’re in your 20s. But as you get older, you stop giving six thousand and one fucks.

It keeps you sane, really. Humble and sensible.

If all of life was excitement and dazzle, you’d go crazy, really.

Because sometimes, you gotta just stand still in the rain.

It’s simple, really.

You just choose one and stick with it.

“Hold my hand, will ya?”

“Yeah, whatever, you fucking gorilla.”

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