A few tips for trainers and instructors on how to survive COVID-19

Jay Juraj Surovy
2 min readMar 18, 2020


Certainly, all of you are going through hard times and that’s why I thought of writing some tips on how to survive quarantine.

First of all I would like to mention that SportPass is free for 30 days and if you write us at hello@sportpass.me we will be happy to extend the free version.

I have put together a few tips on what to do in these difficult times and not to interrupt your workouts with clients.

1.Train via Video Chat
You can use various video chat tools. We like to use http://whereby.com/, which allows you to use a video call without having to register for the participants. As the founder of the call, you register and send the link you receive when you register. Whereby it has a free version for 4 participants, a 12 version for the PRO version for $ 9.99 which is about 220Kč or 8.50EUR.

2.Communicate with your clients often
SportPass allows you to send mass messages to your clients to the app and email. Go to “Extensions”, “Shop” and turn on “News”

3. Ask your clients to share your Video lessons
SportPass is equipped with a feature that allows each lesson to be shared. You can setup your video lessons for booking and ask clients to share the lesson with friends. Since this is an online exercise, anyone can join.

4. Sell season tickets for a symbolic amount
Ask your clients to buy a season tickets for Video lessons. For a symbolic amount, they can have access to all lessons and you will earn a full month’s income. You can find the option to create a pass in “Resources” and “Payment options”.

Do you have a feature in mind that would help you right now? Send us a message at hello@sportpass.me and we’ll develop it for you.

The whole SportPass team keeps fingers crossed for you.

For more information you can visit http://sportpass.me/



Jay Juraj Surovy

Former tennis coach. Founder of SportPass.me interested in startups and cool technologies