No more unpaid workout sessions

Jay Juraj Surovy
2 min readJun 13, 2019

Before we started our project we were doing a lot of research on what could bring additional value to our customers. As you probably know, there are many reservation systems. This idea is no break through but we can all agree that there is always room for improvement.

We spoke with 100s different sports facility owners and trainers and the number one problem was unpaid reservations. We live in a fast environment and our plans can rapidly change. If we don’t commit to something we have a tendency to change it.

Unfortunately the only thing that keeps us committed is usually our money commitment and this is what we had to implement. Now, don’t get me wrong, this is not about carrots and sticks. Our trainers make a living with their services and last minute cancellations hurt their income and probably their families. We should be mindful of how we impact them.

SportPass comes with different payment options that our clients requested.

  1. Payment gateway

SportPass is one of the few reservation systems that comes with payment gateway. Customers can save their credit card and pay when they reserve their favorite lessons and workouts. Our system use one of the most popular and secure payment processors GoPay to process these payments.

2. Packages

This is a very popular payment option among sports facilities. Customers can buy packages that are tailored for whatever services are offered. It can be yoga, TRX, Body Pump, Crossfit…you name it. When making reservation customers can use this option if it was given to them. Every time a customer uses it, one entry is subtracted from their package.

3. Season tickets

Another popular payment option. Season tickets are based on time not on entries. It can be a monthly, quarterly or a yearly pass. There is no limit. You can setup desired pass period. Once it expires, customer are required to acquire a new one.

4. Memberships

Now, this is not exactly a payment option. It’s more of a status at your sports facility. If you have loyal customers, they can buy memberships and get your services at the discount you setup.

We believe that these payment options will keep a sports facility operation stress free and customers committed to their workouts. As they should be :) But don’t worry every reservation can be cancelled and your money refunded if you cancel within cancellation terms that is setup by your sports facility owner. And if things get crazy in life, just ask the facility owner to give you an extra lesson regardless. I am sure they will be happy to do so :) Enjoy your workouts people.



Jay Juraj Surovy

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