Our tele-therapeutic app placed 3rd in Novartis Hackathon

Jay Juraj Surovy
Nov 1 · 2 min read
Novartis hackathon-SportPass

Ever since we started working on SportPass - reservation system we have been taking trainers, physiotherapists and lectures as a main focus of our product. As a former tennis coach, I was battling problems that hindered my income. And we continue to do so. That’s why our team participated in Novartis Hackathon, which focused on helping patients with Multiple sclerosis disease and their physiotherapists who have scarce resources to help them.

The more we were talking to patients, the more we learned that physiotherapists face difficulties when dealing with patients. Mainly, physiotherapists have limited time capacity and hospitals have limited human resources to serve them all. To make this problem even more difficult, physiotherapists do not know, whether the patients actually complete suggested exercises and if not, what is the reason behind not completing them.

Novartis hackathon-SportPass

This is how our idea was born. We created a tele-therapeutic app, which allows physiotherapists to choose from a library of physical, cognitive and relaxation exercises and streams them to the patients app at predetermined times. After completing these exercises patients then give feedback to their physiotherapists on how they feel.

We are excited that Novartis sees this as a valuable concept because we believe that this app can be used in any kind of trainer, client relationship. That’s why our team was awarder with 3rd place.

Novartis hackathon-SportPass

For more information about the Novartis Hackathon you can visit: https://hackathon.novartis.cz/

Do you have any questions about SportPass reservation system? Follow this link to learn more https://sportpass.me/en/gyms

or do not hesitate to contact me at jay@sportpass.me

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Former tennis coach. Founder of SportPass.me interested in startups and cool technologies

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