Is Glance a Feature or an Android Lock Screen App? Here’s the Answer

5 min readJan 12, 2024

Glance is often confused as just another lock screen app that can be downloaded on Android phones. However, Glance is actually a built-in lock screen feature found in many popular smartphone models in India. In this blog post, we’ll clarify exactly if Glance is an android lock screen app, whether can Glance app be downloaded and how it functions as an integral feature rather than a downloadable Android lock screen app.

With over 150 million active users in India, Glance by InMobi has become one of the country’s most widely used android lock screen app platforms. Its intuitive interface and personalized content feed have made Glance a hit, especially among first-time smartphone owners.

What is Glance?

If you’re searching for the Glance android lock screen app, then you won’t find it. Glance is not an android lock screen app, but a feature pre-installed on Android phones from top brands like Samsung, Xiaomi, Oppo, Vivo, and Realme. It replaces the default lock screen with a customisable display that shows useful content like weather updates, sports scores, news headlines, wallpapers, and more. The technology of Glance is developed by InMobi, an India-based mobile advertising company. Glance InMobi has partnered with major smartphone manufacturers to integrate the Glance android lock screen feature directly into their devices sold in the Indian market.

glance live wallpaer

So this android lock screen app is not exactly an app you can download from the Google Play Store. It comes built-in to the phone software and activates when you turn on your device. The content refreshes every time you wake up your phone. With its intelligent algorithms and extensive content library, the Glance android lock screen app (remember, it is not exactly an app) aims to be much more than just a lock screen platform. It wants to engage and inform users throughout the day whenever they interact with their phones.

Key Features of Glance Android Lock Screen Feature

As you understand now, Glance is not an android lock screen app, it’s time to understand why you must try it. Here are some of the main features that Glance by InMobi offers as part of your lock screen:

Personalised news and entertainment content

Get customized recommendations based on your interests and preferences. Glance uses advanced algorithms to learn what you like to read, watch and engage with. This feature, not an android lock screen app, then serves relevant content catered just for you.

Variety of content formats

Top news stories, short videos, GIFs, polls, quizzes and more. Glance by InMobi offers news articles, entertainment videos, informative explainers, sports highlights, and much more. The content library has thousands of options with new additions every day.

Wallpaper carousel

Automatically changing high-quality wallpapers and images. You get fresh, attractive wallpapers multiple times a day across categories like nature, travel, textures, art and architecture directly on your android lock screen.

Private and secure

No access to personal data like photos, messages, etc. Glance by InMobi only accesses basic device data needed to personalize your feed. It does not tap into private data like contacts, galleries, etc.

Customisable settings

Control content categories, frequency of updates, privacy options, etc. Glance offers robust controls via settings to customise the lock screen to your liking. Choose your favourite topics, languages, update intervals and more.

Available in Regional languages

Wide reach across English and regional languages. Glance brings localized content in languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Bengali, and more.

Is there any other android lock screen app that can provide you with such extensive key features?

Benefits of Using Glance Android Lock Screen

There are several advantages to having Glance android lock screen feature, not an app, on your lock screen:

Convenient access to live information without unlocking your phone. Glance by InMobi puts the latest news, weather, sports scores, etc right on your lock screen. Stay updated at a glance without wasting time unlocking your phone.

Discovers content suited to your tastes to personalize the experience. Glance’s algorithms track your activity to understand your interests and preferences. It then recommends relevant, engaging content tailored just for you.

Enhances lock screen visually with attractive wallpapers and images. Glance automatically rotates high-resolution wallpapers, photos, and art to make your lock screen aesthetically pleasing.

This android lock screen (not an app) provides “at a glance” updates to stay on top of what matters to you. Get bite-sized digests of top news stories, game highlights, and other preferences so you’re always in the know.

Easy to use even for those new to smartphones. The interface of Glance by InMobi is intuitive with big thumbnails and clean layouts. First-time smartphone owners can start using it immediately.

Frequently updated content library with fresh additions. Glance InMobi’s editorial team continually adds new content across news, entertainment, sports, tech and more. Motivates to stay informed about what’s happening in the world. Glance makes it effortless to stay up-to-date on current events, trends, and topics you care about.

No other android lock screen app could give you the features and benefits that Glance does. To experience such benefits, all you gotta do is enable Glance on your smartphones.

How to Enable Glance by InMobi?

If you have a Glance-enabled phone but haven’t turned on the feature, here are simple steps to enable Glance. Remember it’s not an android lock screen app:

Step 1

Go into Settings on your Android phone.

Step 2

Scroll down and tap on Lock Screen.

Step 3

Look for the option called Glance or Screen Saver and tap on it.

Step 4

Toggle the button next to Glance to the “On” position.

Step 5

If prompted, agree to the Terms of Use to proceed.

Glance will now replace your regular lock screen!

You can customize Glance by choosing topics of interest, language preferences, time between updates and more from the Glance settings menu.

Give Glance a Try!

Rather than downloading yet another android lock screen app on your phone, make the most of built-in software like Glance feature, not an android lock screen app, but a feature. With zero data costs, regional language support and a constantly evolving content library, Glance can be an engaging new way to view your lock screen. Switch it on and see the useful, entertaining Glance highlights whenever you check your phone.

Glance by InMobi offers a seamless experience directly integrated into your smartphone’s core features. You don’t have to search for android lock screen apps, go through installations or worry about storage space. Just turn on the Glance feature, not an android lock screen app, and start enjoying a smarter, more convenient lock screen.

So don’t overlook built-in gems like the Glance in favour of other android lock screen apps. Take full advantage of Glance’s features tailored specifically for Indian users. Let it become your go-to lock screen with a fresh feed of content ready every time you pick up your phone.




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