Who stole my attention?

2 min readMay 10, 2023

The biggest asset that all of us have is something that most people in the world want to steal from us.

It is not my wealth, nor my intellectual property but my time and attention.

Look at the world around us. People work day and night to steal our time and attention through my phone, TV, laptop, newspaper, posters, and even verbal conversation.

Millions are being spent on movies, OTT platforms, social media, print media, and ad campaigns to tell or sell us something that we may or may not want to know or buy. The most interesting part is that most of the time we pay for getting robbed of our time and attention.

The irony is that I am myself conspiring against my own self to steal my own time and attention from myself. My mind wants to see movies, media, and images, my ear wants to hear soothing sounds. In a nutshell, every sense organ and the mind are always successful in succeeding in stealing my time and attention. I get robbed every day and every moment.

How to stop getting robbed?

Every religion, in one way or the other teaches you to control the wandering and craving of the mind. there are plenty of methods and meditation techniques that teach us methods to stop the robbery of our time and attention. It is a slow process but it works.

The more and more we are able to save our attention from getting robbed, the more liberated we become.

In my opinion, the day this robbery of time and attention stops, we attain liberation, moksha, kaivalya, or eternal happiness.