And it has nothing to do with being on top

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Leadership is being redefined like never before. The generation where decades of experience and wisdom were pre-requisites for promotion are gone. Today, it’s not uncommon to see a young adult starting a new career in a junior managerial position.

While there are plenty of questions to debate whether our corporate culture is heading in the right direction, there are some characteristics consistent across all effective leaders in every era. Here they are.

1. They don’t call people out

Good leaders aren’t quick to point fingers and push blame. They know that mistakes are a part of being human and that they are bound to happen. When things go wrong, their immediate reaction isn’t to figure out who dropped the ball. …

You don’t want equality for everyone?!?

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I was watching Colleen Ballinger’s daily vlog the other night. Normally, I’m there for the entertainment, to watch her adorable son bopping around. But this particular night, she got me thinking about feminism and how crazy it is that it isn’t a more widely accepted concept.

For those of you who’ve yet to join the fan club, I’ve linked it below. …

But that doesn’t mean you can’t help the cause

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It was so sad to watch.

She was hands down the best undergrad in our lab this summer. If we actually had a budget for awards and scholarships, I wouldn’t hesitate to give them all of them to her. Every single one.

When the pandemic forced us to transition to virtual teaching, she was the only one who never hid behind “bad internet connection”, or blamed Slack for “not sending her work notifications on time”.

When she saw mistakes that needed to be fixed, she just fixed them. It doesn’t sound like rocket science, but trust me, undergrads can be a bunch of self-righteous buffoons. Most of them think that pointing to a gaping hole on the ship we’re all aboard is smarter than finding something to plug the damn hole. …


Jayla Sun

Life is a sea-saw, we’re all just trying to find our centre. jaylaxsun@gmail.com

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