The Mind’s Construct Theory

Reality or just another simulation theory.

As I journeyed into the search for knowing thyself. It’s interesting what I have found that would fuse together a few different ideas. And when you practically apply this technique into your journey you will find out how creative you really are.

First, you must understand the basic principle of psycho-cybernetics. Dr. Maxwell Maltz is credited with coming up with this. He states:

You have a self image and you can change your self image. Your self image is a mental projection of how you perceive yourself to be to the world and will do everything in your power to fit that self image wether you know it or not. Your self image was created through your experiences of the past. Theme experiences of the past have created you into the person you are today and these experiences make up your self image.

Your experiences of the past are just memories. These memories are stored in your brain. Your brain uses these memories to solve your problems based on past experiences. Your brain cannot confident use information that you have no memory of. That would be like trying to remember the name of someone you were never introduced to.

Your brain operates like a machine and you are the operator. Maltz uses the analogy of a car. You are the driver of the car and you cannot make the car go but you can apply gas to the engine and the steer the car in the direction but you cannot do the work of the engine. The engine is the brain. Your brain operates “under the hood” while you see where you want to move. (I could explain in summary better in another piece but to stay on topic take it as it is)

Your brain cannot tell the difference from and imagined and real experience. Your brain uses the experiences of that past to solve current problems today based of the memories stored in the brain of correct repsonses. Here’s the best part about that. YOU CAN CREATE NEW MEMORIES AND EXPERIENCES OF THE PAST TO CREATE MORE OPPORTUNITIES RIGHT NOW.

So how does this tie into the construct I am about to explain? The theory of the construct came from the movie The Matrix. The construct, in the movie, is a loading program where you can “load” anything you need. The appearance of yourself in the construct is your self image. If your brain cannot tell the difference from and imagined and real experience isn’t the construct a place in your imagination that can implant anything you need?

Neo loading things he will need to accomplish his goal without limits.

How to:

Picture yourself (third or first person) in giant white room where you can’t see any walls for as far as you can look. Congratulations you are now in the construct.

Here in the construct you can do anything you imagine and have anything you want. Your brain cannot tell the difference between an imagined and a real experience so what happens in the construct in perceived as real through electrical signals in your brain.

The best part about this is that going into the construct is as easy as creating an infinite white room. I guarantee your experiences will be much more vivid that traditional meditation techniques because the construct is something that is meant to be experienced.

Thank you for reading. Try this tonight. I would love to hear what you experienced in your construct to achieve your goals.

Morpheus teaching Neo that his brain cannot interpret reality and perception. Wondering if the chair is real.

Everything starts with the mind.

Jason “briighter” Lima