What would happen if the richest man in the world met the poorest?

Imagine. A man(or woman) with homes all over the world, a family well-off, sleeps and eats soundly with no worry if he will be able to survive the night on a painfully empty stomach. On the other side, a person who hasn’t changed their shirt in months because they could be sure if they would find another. A traveling nomad with limited resources or skills. A person whose hygiene is not the best you’ve seen. What would happen if these two people met?

Quite an interesting experience for both the rich and the poor. Looking at the other side wishing they had what the rich person had and the rich man looking at poor.

We all know what would go through the poor persons mind. Something along the lines of “Please give me what you have!” But what is going on the the mind of the wealthy? Are they looking down on this man like a pest? Are they wanting to share a small piece of their excessive wealth to bring them joy? How would they react?

I’m my opinion I believe that rich people have a humble gene that allowed them to become rich in the first place by adding value to people’s lives. If they meet the rich would help this person find the resources they need without sacrificing too much of themselves. And the rich don’t do much without an alternative motive so they possibly would want good publicity for their company for a branding opportunity.

That’s just my opinion. What’s yours?