Without sacrificing style.

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Clothes aren’t going anywhere. All 8 billion of us are getting dressed every single day in some way or another, and require clothes for a basic need of survival.

However, with the continuous increase of environmental and ethical concerns associated with the fashion industry, it’s no surprise we need to take responsibility and make our wardrobes more sustainable. If we have the choice to do so, we need to be held accountable.

Fashion is the world’s second largest polluting industry, second right behind the oil industry (The True Cost). …

A personal guide of recommendations when moving to the UK.

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Alright, so if you’ve been following along on my story, you most likely know by now that I moved to London, England just under 2 years ago.

I constantly receive questions about the experience, because hello London is a lovely city and I think many people share a dream of living there, or at least a dream of living abroad. Many cups of tea later and enough adventures to write a novel, I thought it may be best to share a bit about my experience.

You may be reading this as someone thinking about moving to the UK. Or maybe you’re just curious and interested to learn more. I remember having so many questions myself when moving, therefore I hope this can help you! …

Simple tips from the experts in fashion & sustainability. In celebration of Fashion Revolution 2019 #WhoMadeMyClothes

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We’re in the midst of Fashion Revolution 2019, an annual week in recognition of the Rana Plaza garment factory that collapsed 6 years ago today in Bangladesh. An 8 level factory collapse that killed over 1000 and injured over 2000 garment workers who spent their days making clothes. Clothing worn by people like you and me. …

Almost 2 years of blogging later.

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My first story on medium was published in July of 2017, titled I’m moving to London UK. Here’s Why.

My writing took some time to actually kick off. My life was very different in 2017. I was at a different place both mentally and physically.

I think I had to go through some other challenges in order to put myself in a situation where I wanted to write.

Only the last 6 months have I really made writing a priority. I’ve found some wonderful benefits in doing so. …

The ten things I noticed after going plant-based

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Alright, so I’ve been thinking trying vegan for awhile and with Veganuary taking place in London, I thought maybe now is the time to take the plunge.

I really wanted to shock my system. It’s not that I ate horribly, but I was curious to see how my body would react to going vegan. So I went for it. Its now the middle of February and I’m reflecting on my experience.

Here are my top observations from being vegan:

  1. My relationship with food became more positive. I thought consciously about what I was putting in my body and as silly as it sounds, found such joy from making my delicious meals. …

Any of these sound familiar?

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When I was 15 years old, the thought of sustainable fashion was limiting. Society typically thought of hemp or clothing that was uncomfortable and least of all stylish.

Nowadays, there are so many more options for slow or sustainable fashion. However, with so many large-scale fast-fashion brands existing in the world, its easy to ignore conscious consumption.

Through my years as a sustainable fashion stylist, I’ve come across many misconceptions in regards to sustainable or ethical fashion.

Any of them sound familiar?

Misconception 1: I can’t afford to shop a sustainable or ethical wardrobe.

Like the entire fashion industry, there are many different levels of price points. Typically the cost for an ethical product will be more expensive over h&m or wal-mart because the people making the clothes are getting paid fairly. This is a good thing. …

Because feeling your best makes you do your best.

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Have you ever just felt like you were in a funk? A weird phase that you can’t really put your finger on it, but for some reason you just feel blaaahhhh. Yeah same.

It’s times like those that I am reminded how important it is to work on ourselves. To actively make decisions that benefit us.

Here are some quick and intentional ideas to get your body and mind flowing. Because nobody likes to be in a funk and when we feel better on the inside, we are more likely to do greater things in the world. …

Farewell 2018.

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Something rocky must of happened with the universe in 2018. It seems for most, this year was summarized with the highest highs and the lowest lows.

Maybe the stars were unaligned or the universe was trying to teach many of us a lesson. Regardless, I was not alone in experiencing a year with massive wins and large losses.

A good friend of mine recently described 2018 as a “beautiful mess”. And it couldn’t be more accurate.

For me, 2018 was a very pivotal year. Life threw some curve balls at me and tested my being in many ways. I’m more adaptable than ever. …

5 places to find your best party outfit!!

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Its the festive season. Think holiday jumpers, eggnog, and parties filled with twinkle-lights. It can be so fun to dress up and enjoy the magical holiday season, but before you go ahead and shop the big fast-fashion retailers… Here are some simple hacks to source your holiday outfit without hurting your bank or the environment.

  1. Go second-hand!
    I know I know… doesn’t sound as glamorous, but I basically call myself a Professional Thrifter.. aka I can find the most amazing pieces from local charity shops or thrift stores. You don’t need my hunting skills to find these pieces, all you gotta do is give yourself the opportunity to. So take yourself to the thrift shop. …


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